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Customer portals

Customer resource management


Each and every employee receives their own personalized log in information, and profile, where information can be stored, linked, and multiplied over an infinite time period. Other information as well such as inventory management, vendor accounts, clients accounts, and anything else can be stored and updated.


Pull from a database of employee's where you can select the job title, position, and shift from preselected options. The amount of options per employee are based on your requirements! Create a daily, weekly, or monthly schedule and when you are ready to publish it, an automatic text message goes out to anyone placed in the schedule, including the days, and other job information you have selected. Employees can then request days off, vacation time, and much more, or post their shift to a bulletin board, where an equally qualified employee can apply to pick up their shift and switch on your approval if necessary. Easily manage scheduling, and even add in an optional clock in/out feature. Schedules are viewable online from any device type, and easily manageable.

Guest lists

Easily create, and establish guest lists for either determining who is attending an invite only party, or for monitoring promoter performance, or even performance of current marketing campaigns/coupons. Manageable online, each activated list is active until you decide to close it, and once closed, information is stored in a data-base, and upon closure, you have the option to send the data either to an email, to a phone as a text, or even individually to promoters or employees to share their own personal results with them.

Online store

A simple way to express an online store, where you can simply add or remove products of any type, from bottle service to t-shirts, or even pre-paid reservations. Sell any type of products you would like with a fully interactive online store not just for clubs or restaurants! Use it to accept deposits, sell merchandise, and much more!


Have your customers easily request a reservation of any type according to your specifications, and even pay ahead, all from your website.

Ease Of Access

Add, manage, and monitor products, employees, guest lists, reservations, and even daily business sales all from your pocket! Compare with easy to make charts, create invoice, develop sales forecasting, manage affiliates of sales, inventory management, send newsletter to customers or employees in one click right to their phone as a text, and much much more.


This software is custom designed to fit each company in it's own specific way, and easily manageable through the back office system!

Other Features

New features are constantly being developed, mainly through suggestions from our customers! Have a problem within your company? We solve it within tessA! We can create any type of feature that you can think of, and make it available to all of our customers! Please contact us for a custom feature to solve a problem or make something easier for yourself!