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An asset in a different direction. Change the way your business manages your employees simply with tessAOffice software. Accesible from anywhere in the world, you can interact with everyone in your business quickly and easily. From scheduling to dining reservations we are here!

Enjoy it, it´s free!

tessAOffice is responsive, fresh, modern, bold and an Asset in its own. You may use it for both private and commercial projects. You may log in to this software below to give it a test run, but please do understand that everything is 100% customizable to each individual business, so the demo you are viewing is customized for that company!

Please understand that - due to the fact, that this is a live demo - anyone may use it. To test the system, you may create your own account, but please remove your information when completed.

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See what they say

"Absolutely incredible. After being customized to my business, this software is a lifesaver and even more a time saver! It is so easy to use, and my employees love it just as much. My costs are down, and my productivity is up!" Jennifer, Atlantic City NJ

Web framework

This software is online based making it easy to work with at any time. Like all of their work, this is designed with you in mind by SwimD. We understand many of our customers are not 'technical', so tessA is designed so anyone can use it, and if necessary, we offer a free training session to bring everyone on-board with how it works!


No matter what industry you are in, we customize to your ways! Don't be stopped by limited scheduling, have as many fields as you want and run it your way! All features of the program are customizable, and features can be added at your request!


It's easier to explain what it can't do. It will not mow your company's lawn. That's about it. From management to scheduling and organization, customer accounts, hour management, graphs, inventory, sales, and even an expandable online store!

Your all in one!

For companies of all sizes and natures, pricing is based on features used, and company storage size. For example, for scheduling, up to 10 employees will cost a lot less than up to 100 employees. Every feature carries it price across data sizes.

Text Responsive

Never send information individually again! Our system supports text messages, so you can alert all employees of something all in one click! Schedules are automatically sent via text, confirmed, and even updated on changes!

Text Responsive

Our software supports SMS texting, you your are able to text employees and customers with NO ADDITIONAL costs to you!


We don't just have features, we have interactive features which definetly makes a difference!

Virtual Guestlists

Whether your a club, or a company having a large holiday party, organize it with our virtual guestlst! Track promoter performance, and much more!


From club VIP Tables to restaurant table reservations, which make it simple and easy for you to manage it, and customers to register it!

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